Kamiwaza Festival
Kamiwaza Festival

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Do you want to support Kamiwaza Festival 2022, 22nd - 24th July, as a volunteer for 12-18h of fun festival work, earn a festival ticket, food vouchers, and create magic with us? You can apply as festival volunteer to become part of the team and earn a festival invitation in exchange! For more information, check our sign-up form: https://forms.gle/2NSMHEgdDRhqsoFk7
and we will get in touch with you!

Facilitate a Workshop
We love to host varied and original workshops that take our festivaleers to new places. We especially like it when it is accessible to all. Wether it be for seasoned meditators or a sceptical punky soul.
Please send us an email with "Workshop: the name of your workshop" in the subject here:
Bring an Installation
Share your creation with us! Big or small we have a lot of empty spaces to fill with art of all types.
Please send us an email with "Installation: the name of your installation" in the subject here:
Serve some Food
Food is a subject that is very dear to us. It is the foundation upon which is built the magic of this gathering.
Please send us an email with "Food: the name of your food truck or food stand" in the subject here:
Join the core team <3
Please send us an email with "Core Team: the name of what you want to do" in the subject here:

We are currently looking for some important positions that will make all this magic possible. Here are a few:
- Head of Logistics
To help us coordinate all the ins and outs of this little ant colony.
- Buyer (Acheteur)
To help us buy as much local, high quality produce as possible. French speakers are most welcome.
- Administration
All these festival fairies need to find their place in our system, they need you! (Written English needed)
- Storekeeper
Your job, if you wish to accept it would be to make sure all the borrowed tools during the build up come back!
-Master Builder
Take the lead on a project and guide the team of volunteers to completion!
-Light Operator
Take control of the visual atmosphere on our delicately curated dance floors!
-There are many more so we can't list them all. Just let us know if you want to bring something to the table <3

Meet Our Team
Founder & Art Director
Head of Production
Graphic Designer & Head of Scenography
Community Manager
Head of Volunteers
Head of Power & Technical Stuff
Host of the Peacock Garden