Kamiwaza Festival
Kamiwaza Festival

Friends of Kami

We're on a mission to build our community connection and get closer. Will you join on this adventure?
Kamiwaza is all about community. About showing up exactly as you are and finding belonging with everyone else. About becoming who you are and feeling supported every step of the way. Read more about our philosophy here.
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We've got some big ideas to bring our friends closer together. We want to invite you to the castle grounds more often, to have pop up events in for example Amsterdam or Berlin and we're working on a programme to support artists in their creation process... to name a few.
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To make this happen, we need a little hand. We ask your support to enable us to build on this connection together, grow the community and the feeling of connection together. Our efforts are largely voluntarily and a bit of support would help us a lot in offering more.
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As a Kami Friend, you support Kamiwaza with a yearly donation of your choice. Apart from our gratitude, this is what's in it for you, if you support us with at least 30 euros:

- You support building the Kamiwaza community
- Early access to Kamiwaza Festival tickets
- Preferred camping spot @ Kamiwaza Festival
- An invite to a yearly Kami Friend weekend

Plus, if you support us with at least 50 euros, we'll plant a tree on the castle grounds, to plant your roots in our wonderlands <3
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Are you the angel of our dreams that would like to support us with a different amount, or have something else to offer, please get in touch!
A very special thanks to our friend Christophe Monpongo for his mesmerizing artwork.
You will find more on his Instagram account: @chrismonpongo