Kamiwaza Festival
Kamiwaza Festival


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About Kamiwaza
Where does the castle garden party take place?
Kamiwaza takes place on the lush grounds of a medieval castle. It's a magical fairytale weekend on 70 hectares of land, space to roam around and explore. The explorer wins, always.
The castle is located near Angers, Pays de la Loire.

Bouillé Théval

How to get to Kamiwaza?
We can be reached by car, train, or a combination of plane and train. We organise shuttle buses from Angers to the castle. The Paris - Angers train connection is really good, fastest options are about 1,5 hours (starts around 30+ Euros). The slower, cheaper train starts from 16 Euros. Blablacar buses could also be a nice alternative to get to Angers when you're coming from further away.

If you prefer to come by car, we recommend to share rides, to lower the environmental impact. To find/ share your car ride, check out our togetzer event.

For more info about the shuttle buses from Angers check out the next question.
I would like to use the shuttle bus, how does it work?
You can buy a ticket in our ticketshop, you'll find the available times in the shop
One ticket is valid for one way, so for a round trip, you choose 2 tickets. The time indicated on the ticket is the departure time and the transfer will take 35-45 mins.
In Angers, the meeting point is at the train station. Look for a mini van with a Kamiwaza logo, in front of the train station.
At the festival, the meeting point is at the ticket checking point. Please be there 15 mins before the indicated departure time.

See you there!
What to expect?
We will serve you with a musical journey into deephouse, techno and some funky surprise genres. We've got conscious, movement, sensual and sexy workshops and since we're all about creators, we invite you to share your magic too. Expect creativity all around.

In our new area, The Peacock Garden, you can explore and express your sensual/ sexual side. Levantine House will provide the ultimate chill area, a place where new friends are made.

We want to be a space of exploration of new and old ways of interacting, of options, of beliefs and mainly of experience.

Mind you, variety is the spice of life.

Who is welcome at the festival?
Every year, we welcome a lovely diverse group of people from multiple nationalities (French, German, Dutch, among others).

We want to be a place where people from different horizons feel at home. Where the hippies, the queer, the kinkies, the ravers, the punks, the radicals, the posh, the lovers, the nudes, the parents and the children can all lower their guards and join in a collective experience. With music and art as a steady base.

We have a dedicated area for families with small children. Children should be supervised at the festival, which means that we don't advise bringing children in the age of 12-18 years old. We wouldn't want them roaming around by themselves. If you have physical limitations that would require assistance or adjustments, please get in touch with us, so we can discuss how we can support you.

Dogs or other pets aren't welcome. For dogs of crew members, we make some exceptions, especially if they're very cute and socialised. We understand that if you stay at our grounds for a longer period of time, more flexibility is needed.

What about Corona?
It looks like the summer of love is finally here, no masks, no tests. If anything changes, we will inform you through our social media channels. Please join our Facebook group.
Where do I find the time table?
The timetable will be announced when you arrive. You can find our line up on our socials to get excited.

We dance during the day and during the night. Early in the morning volumes will be kept reasonable for some hours for some peace and quietness. Because of the spaciousness around the castle, you can always find a quieter spot to wind down, keep your own pace.
Festival Facilities
What to bring?
Make sure to bring your own sleeping arrangement (tent, hammock), ear plugs, condoms, money (cash or card), cigarettes and a mobile ashtray, a cup/ plate/ bowl and cutlery (to reduce plastic used to a minimum!) and of course your favourite party clothes. For the peacock garden, our sexy playground, we invite you to bring out your inner sexy paradise bird. We invite you to be a little extra in your expression, so pack accordingly. Lingerie, fetish wear and/or nudity is encouraged in this area.

Is there food available on site?
Like you, we like to eat well. So we've got you covered with quality meals. We've got a local chef preparing fresh and healthy meals for you, with local ingredients. Of course we have plenty of plant based options.
Every morning the Breakfast Bar is filled with absolute breakfast bliss. A food truck will provide sandwiches for a quick bite in between.

As the usage of plastic is reduced to the minimum, it's very important that you BRING YOUR OWN plate, bowl and cutlery. For the bar we have ecocups.
What else can I buy at the festival?
Next to drinks, food, coffee, cocktails etc, we have our own quirky market; the artisan bazaar. For the coolest second hand finds, regional food products, and more.

Essential items like ear plugs are provided at the info point for free.

We don't sell any cigarettes on site.

How do I pay for drinks, food and my artisan bazaar finds?
You can pay with cash or card (MasterCard/Maeastro/Visa/etc) at the festival. Cards are preferred!

Is the water drinkable?
Yes, free drinking water can be found in the festival area. We even go as far as not selling bottled water at our bars.
Where do I park? What about a camper van?
There's a parking area. You can't camp in the parking area. It's just a small walk to the camping ground.

For a camper van, you'll need a separate, extra ticket. Unfortunately campers and tents can't mix due to the soil and for security reasons. You can pitch up a tiny tent right next to your camper just for luggage but not for 'living'.

Leave no trace / trash
We want to preserve the lush grounds for many years to come, which means leaving it just as we found it. So the farmer can feed the grass to his animals and nature continues to thrive around the castle. This means not leaving any trash. We provide small trash bins around the dance floors, but ask to take anything you bring in, back with you. We do have bin bags if you need one. Also, cigarette butts are very pollutive, so use a mobile ash tray.

… Other camping basics
Yes, we have showers! They're warm...

No there's no electricity on the camping.

Important: you can't make any fire or BBQ.

Are the invitations personalized?
Yes the invitations are personalized. Please bring your ID to have access to the festival. If you wish to change the name of the owner of the ticket send us an email at: kamiwazafestival@gmail.com
Do you sell invitations at the door?
No. You will have to go back home if you come without a ticket.
Can I come and leave or re-enter the festival as I please?
No, your ticket gives you a one-time access to Kamiwaza for the whole
duration of the festival. Once you leave, you will not be granted re-entry.
Kamiwaza has been designed as a three-day experience, therefore you
are strongly encouraged to participate for that duration in order to make
the most of it.
I haven't received my invitation after purchasing it through the official link. What can I do?
Check all your email addresses and their spam. We often hear it ended up in a different email account...

If you can't locate your invitation two days after purchasing it, please contact: Kamiwazafestival@gmail.com provide your proof of payment, full name and the email address you used to purchase the tickets.
I want to buy my invitation from another source, is this possible?
Please keep in mind that in case we sell out, you are advised to ask for resold tickets on our Facebook page (Link 💙) Otherwise purchase your invitations through an official Ticket Website such as: TicketSwap or try the Sisyaner Telegram group. We are in no case responsible for the tickets that are not purchased through our website.
I am not able to come after all. What do I do with my ticket?
Kamiwaza does not refund purchased tickets. You are advised to resell your ticket through an official Ticket Website such as: TicketSwap or try the Sisyaner Telegram group. People who resell tickets for a higher than our set prices are banned from purchasing tickets for two years.
Do I have to print my invitation?
Your invitation will be scanned at the entrance. Please take into account that the network connection may be limited. We recommend that you download your invitation on your mobile phone or print it out (trees prefer the first option).