Kamiwaza Festival
Kamiwaza Festival

Summer of 23
I can't wait!

Ready to jump in with us?

What to expect from Kami 23?
All the memories from summer 2022 are still alive and we're completely mesmerised by the experience and the stories we hear back from you. So, definitely building on that for next year.
Although we've made many new friends at dance floors all around this year, we'll keep our homebase playground intimate, the family gathering vibe felt so right!
Kamiwaza is art, sexiness and a whole lot of authenticity.

What new things are we already working on?
Shuttle buses from Paris are high on our list. We promise to update you on this early enough for you to sort out your travel plans, but definitely aiming for extra comfort in planning your trip. We realise that the castle is remote... and believe it's part of the magic ;)
We would like to invite you to participate more. Watch our socials for our open calls to host a workshop, jam together or get involved otherwise. If you already have a killer idea, we'd love to hear it!
During build down, we had some super chill hot tub moments; a keeper!
Of course we have a whole load of musical inspiration from touring around. Expect high quality, a mix of your fave artists from Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris as well as talented surprising new names and our very own family members of course.

Why would you get your ticket this early?
Well... obviously because you want to be there and you can't wait to share more time together.... And it's a good deal. The full ticket price will be 159 Euros.
Also, this helps us a lot. As a small, mostly volunteer based festival, it's a puzzle to make everything work. Early ticket sales provide the liquidity to start planning. Thank you for your loyalty!

After the end of summer sale on Sept 21, watch your inbox. You'll receive your ticket within 3 days. We're so looking forward to have you all again at the castle. If you have any questions in the meantime, please get in touch or find us on our socials. Bisou!
A very special thanks to our friend Christophe Monpongo for his mesmerizing artwork.
You will find more on his Instagram account: @chrismonpongo